Thursday, October 27, 2016


hi! n Assalamualaikum


A lot of things happen...but here  i am...macam lalang...
I'm not bulletproof...nothing to say..
I may fall when im being shoot!

plz be strongg!!!

alhamdulillah masih diberi ruang dan kekuatan untuk menulis di sini...

a lot of things happen...

this week, I'm gonna to finish up my manuscript writing...yeaahhh (pray for me)

**** ***************** ************
actually the post above was written during my final year....haha...i guess im too busy writing my manuscript until i forgot that i have blog!!!!

well, actually i'm already done with manuscript writing--> data presentation ---> viva !! *oh yeaaahhh*
it such emotional experience...because u can get teary at any moments wherever u are....its tough actually....
yeah i can cries whenever people talk about thesis...(but now i can laugh laa, sebab dah habis  ^^)

well, pray for me, the journey still long  ^^ !!
too much goal that i want to achieve!!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

ramadhan 2016

asalaamualaikum. salam ramadhan.

last update this blog  was November 2015 and today is June 2016,
the time sure flies fast...

im already in final year...counting days for final exam..
pray for me that i can do well in exam...

nothing else to say,
a lot of things happen,
someone i knew already became stranger...
well, things happen and sometimes you cannot controlled it...
it hurts,
but often, people say, time will heal it.
well, let see..

salam ramadhan,
semoga ramadhan kali ini kita dapat buat banyak2 amal dan dapat mengubah diri menjadi lebih baik.

doakan saya kuat.
ramadhan kali ini sedikit berbeza dengan ketiadaan keluarga di sisi, dan dengan di penuhi final exam..


Sunday, November 8, 2015

its my birthday!

assalamualaikum n hi!

its my birthday!!

alhamdulillah, reaching 22 years old already  :)
I hope, the future going to be more bright, and my life will going to be fill with happiness  :)
I just hope im going to get my old self back...

for sure, lately im not in right mood, and everything seem so 'not right' to me. haha.