Monday, January 24, 2011

aK rindu sama kamoo!!


i really miss my school...
ha ha ha..
sound weird,right..
cause everyone try to avoid from school..
actually i really miss the moment when i with my friend..
i miss friend..
i miss hostel..
i miss everything in that school..
ha ha ha...

now..i'm so lonely..
all my friend got part time job..
but parent not allowed me..
i feel like i'm in a jail...
maybe this is the best for me..
ha ha ha..

kpd kawan2 yg ak syg:
maybe korang mmg x kan baca blog nieh...
hahaha ..sbb korang x tau pown nie blog ak..
the most important thing i want u to know is...
i still love to being a friend with u all ...
i always pray the best for u all..
hope our memory not fade,k

salam sayang..