Tuesday, February 22, 2011

where rainbows end

i like to read when i got a free time
but sometimes i hate to read..
what it's mean...forget it
actually I'm just read if they are really interesting book
(of course not biology book or something like that...hahahaha)
just a few malay novels that i read until finished...
because most of them got too many conflict in it....
really tired to think of that...but sometimes it will gonna b interesting,right
i still remember last year....i always see my friend reading novel in class
then, i tried to borrow some novel from library too..
i want to experience myself
after one week...i realize I'm just read for 3 chapter only...
hahahaha....after that I'm not borrow novel again...
I'm just borrow reference book only....hahahaha
maybe I'm too busy at school and hostel until i forgot about that book
talking about hostel ,remind me the life of a hostel student...
it's really hard but it's very funny if I'm flashback the memories..
the memories i fly from hostel...huh
escape from prep...
forget it for a while,k
i found one book by Cecelia Ahern belongs to my eldest sis
'where rainbows end'
it's all about love and friendship
i really like the story...
it's about two friend,Rosie and Alex that r stuck by each other through thick & thin
if u want to know read the book ,k
i want to read another book from her
last month,i went to Harfa book store,then i found her book
there's so many books written by Cecelia Ahern
i want to buy 'PS,I Love You' but i don't have enough money that time...
pity me...

p/s to kak long(if u read this) : plz buy it for me....plzzzz.....or we can share money

heeee :)

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