Saturday, March 26, 2011

i want to change !

assalamualaikum :)
my tears drop suddenly when i think about 'that'
i'm not strong enough to face it alone..
after 2 days crying non-stop...then i realized something
it's not the end of my world yet
why i crying so bad ?
i need to accept my spm's the best for me..
thanks to Allah
i still can get into matrix or university with this result
after this i will study hard..

i really want to act like nothing happen to me..but it's to hard
when i see my friend who got straight A's tears burst all of sudden
the first time when i see my result..i feel like my own world turn to dark atmosphere
hahaha.....but now i'm okay :)
but that 'scar' still in my mind and heart...
that scar remind me not to fall next time..

for all my friends ...sorry.... i already deleted my facebook account
maybe this is the best for me now...
yeah,i'm try to run from seeing all the post about spm
i want to i don't need all of this

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