Wednesday, March 2, 2011

think-do-be positive

actually i don't have a topic today
but i still wanted to write something
whatever..abaikan =='
my eldest brother now at home..
we always fight for these 'slow' broadband.. we were kid before
miss that time :)
when i give him this broadband so he need to give me something for the exchange


i'm always asking him to give his 'precious' hard disk or i called it 'verbatim' that contains so many movie in it
thanks to him ..that's make my day not so boring like always


talk about movie,make me thinking about my eldest sis
actually, my eldest sis always downloads movie from the Internet
and then all my siblings will complaint why the Internet getting slow
hahaha..then we all will blame her....sorry
but i like all the movie that she,such a great movie

but ,i can't watch movies that she used to be downloads , cause she's in India now, fighting for her better future life ..

thinking about 'future life'
make me wonder when will SPM result comes out..
the real date??..i'm kinda boring now ...i always get the wrong information
i heard before was 28 february,then i heard 11 mac,then 14 mac and the latest one 24 mac
which one is correct ??
i'm just wondering what i get for my science subjects-physics,chemistry n biology
what if...i got a worst result in my life
hahaha..hope not like that
people always say u can do it
yeah..i can do it

thanks for eveyone that always cheer me up,when i'm down

just think positive,do positive and be positive

in that way,trust me,u'll gonna be okay


enjoy your life

have a sweet dream,yaaa!!

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