Monday, August 22, 2011

aku ?

assalamualaikum !
long time no see..
amiez skrg amat malas...malas nk update...
mcm2 dah jadi n still terjadi...
nak story satu2....mesti amat panjang
tp mcm post yang lps2....
amiez nk ulang lg sekali...
amiez kena n mesti kuat !
amiez x nak jatuh for the second time
yeah, for the truth i still remember that time,
i'm not like my other sibling ..they so genius
but not for me..
i will try no matter what happen....
try to gain my self- confidence back

do u know about turning point ?
yeah, turning minimum point, dy/dx = 0
sorry, i'm talking about addmath now
actually , turning point is related to our life...
just think for a second,
when you fall , of course there's a feeling inside your heart that want to go up once again..
so, to go up once again...u need to start a new life,
start from the bottom..
in simple word,
it is not how low you fall , but it's about how high u bounce back !

okay, amiez dah merepek byk kat sini...
amiez nk tulis entry pasal benda lain, see amiez dah tulis apa yang amiez rasa..
okay , whatever...
so, for the entri yg amiez nk tulis tuh...amiez akan tulis lain kali lah
tetiba, hilang mood..

actually , just now...amiez terlihat pic kawan2 waktu ambil result spm
serius ...sakit sangat !
tapi, amiez cuba jadi kuat..n perbaiki diri amiez kat sini
amiez nk show kat sume orang , amiez pun boley berjaya..
itu azam amiez !
amiez try to be a new amiez in this 'new environment' !
maybe in this 'new environment' one know who is amiez actually .
just acting as mysterious girl !
but y i must do all this ?
yeah , i got a reason .
but, i can't reveal it here , if i reveal here , so that i can't b a mysterious anymore..
ooppssss...melalut lg
sorry !
sampai sini aja lah !
c u all next time !


  1. Moga trus tbh hdapi hr mndtg. :)

  2. org yg tak berjaya dlm SPM doesn't mean org tue tak akan berjaya dalam hidup.. buktikan kepada orang ramai yang anda juga boleh berjaya!

    Good luck dear! semoga tabah menghadapi liku liku kehidupan.... :)

  3. hehe admath~ilike..=p


  4. amiez akan buktikan amiez pun boley berjaya...thx all