Saturday, October 1, 2011

amiez always be amiez

assalamualaikum !
rasenya mcm amiez dh brtahun x berblogging..haha
well, since that day....amiez study really hard here..
amiez never feel like this before..
maybe, nie lah yg dinamakan nikmat belajar..
amiez pernah berada dlm kedudukan yg paling bawah....yang waktu tuh..amiez x paham langsung apa yang amiez belajar dan apa yang cikgu ajar...
and that time, i feel like i'm in a really bad condition bad amiez was..
but , now ...i'm totally changed !
i'll try not to be an old amiez...
that a really shy girl ...shy to ask what she don't understand..
amiez 'today' not the same as amiez at the past
amiez 'today' try to learn to depend on 'herself'
not try to learn to depend to others like amiez at the past...

hopefully, i can do it !
i want to show to others that i can success..
no matter what happen....
amiez will always be amiez

pspm is getting near..
am i ready for it ?
yes ! but not at all...
i'm really scared for muet test
what if i get a really low band ?

actually i think i have a phobia ...phobia talking with stranger..
especially in english
what should i do ?????

huh, really confusing !

p/s : nie lah meja belajar amiez..
full of spirit..haha

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