Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sorry !

assalamualaikum !
yeah, its have been a while since last post , right ?
really missed this 'ugly' blog !

i wanna to talk about friend, today.
matrix life is ain't easy.
first and foremost, i want to apologize to all my friends cause i'm just an innocence girl,
who can't manage my life properly. matrix life really compact and i  do not have any spare time to stay connected like before, really sorry !
but, i'm trying too...

this post is about friend, anyway .
actually, i feel like losing someone that are really closer to me.
what should i say , i don't know what he/she think right now.
maybe he/she think i'm just a friend to him/her .
but, for me, all my friends are my best friend !

i don't know whether he/she feeling like what i'm feel,right now 
it's killing me , you know !
why , both of us keep avoiding to each other when we meet ,huh ??
yeah, it's all my fault actually . i'm understood .
i'm the one who say goodbye first . because i'm getting jealous when  seeing you with other .
but, i'm still trying to pretend that i'm okay with all of this.
i'm trying to act normal , so that others , don't see me like i'm having such a big problem

but, right now, i'm happy to see you, you have another friend to depend on.
not like me, of course she is more adorable than me. haha
i'm okay. i'm okay . i'm okay
i'm just pray for your happiness . insyaAllah, u will get what you want in your life.

i know you will never read my post , cause you never know my blog.
i already , told you about my blog , but , it's not important to you , right ?

to all my friend , thx because you all still be beside me, when i really need you all !
really thx to you all.
i'm trying to be okay ! pretending to be okay ! 
thx to him/her cause , you really make me to become more stronger than ever ! thx !

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