Saturday, March 17, 2012

be strong

assalamualaikum dan salam sejahtera.
dah lama tak update blog ni.
there's a lot of thing to share here. but i'm not in the mood to type all here.
finally, i only have one big exam left  in kmpp, that is PSPM 2
huhuhu. i hope i will do my best cause i want to change my life after all.
hopefully, i will not be regret like what i did last time.

yeah, my spm result was awful, i'm sure i will use  this 'second chance' to prove that i'm also can achieve my dream.
put aside what people talk about me.
leave behind the thing that i loved the most.
just sacrifice for this , only this.

plzzzzz, be strong, just a few more week before exam. 
my final exam !
i will do everything that i need, just to prove it !
be strong,
be strong,
be strong,
stay strong


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