Friday, April 26, 2013


assalamualaikum n salam sejahtera  :))

dah lama tak post kat sini...but, today, i will try my best to write  a post here...hahahha...yeah, its have been a long time i didnt write anything here...
im ust too lazy, and everything happen around me was too fast and i cant catch it up...uhhhhh, my bad.

pejam celik, pejam celik, i already in second semester here, and mid sem exam already finished...result midsem pun dh keluar... alhamdulillah, no fail... yeeaaaayyyy

another , 2 months to live here before we are going to holiday...actually, i already started my countdown, cant wait for the next too stressss herreeeee

everything is tooo different friend to talk when i have problem cause they are the source of the problem...haha...just kidding.....they just okay...but i do not like much about them....maybe to social, and they think everyone can accept their behaviour....perhaps, i hope some day they will realize it.

actually, i hate people who just come in to my room without knocking or give salam. they just rush in into my room. i hate that kind of manner. pleasseeela, behave yourselffff, maybe you think we are very close to you, but you dont have exception to do that...we have manner also. we are malay, islam...why not give salam for each other first before you come in just like that...uhhhhhh

i dont know why, this lately, im very sensitive with all this kind of small matter thing, its to  serabutttt....
 okay forgett abouut all thisssss....menambah keserabutan kepala saya je....hehehe

ehhh tomorow is 26/4/2013....OMG, almost a year i leave matric and also my beloved friend matric life was so enjoyable, not like in univesity life today

, i dont know what the different is, but, there always b a different.

kalau lah boleh undur masa, saya nak luangkan lebih byk masa dgn kawan2 kat matrik, setahun berkenalan dgn diorang, sgt lah tak cukupppp....huhuhu

k lah smpai sinni je   :))
bai, assalamualaaikum

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