Friday, July 5, 2013

# 8 i just wonder...

assalamualaikum  :))

dah lama amiez tinggal dunia blogging, but i was trying to post something but always end up -nothing !
amiez selalu nak sangat post about my life especially  for being a pharmacy student. its not easy. its very tough and very stress. i wonder if i'm not chose this course, what course i do take now? what the future will i belongs too ? i'm just wonder about that.

during my matric era(hambik kau, 'era' terus), amiez nak sangat masuk uy-key-em....nak tau tak sbb apa??? jeng3X, 
sebab MR.S !
amiez nak sangat jumpa dia balik...waktu tu tuh, amiez rasa dia nie terlalu hebat sebab dapat uy-key-em. bukan calang-calang org yg dapat uy-key-em nieh, start dari matric amiez pulun betul2, alhamdulillah 4 flat. perjuangan di teruskan untuk berjumpa MR.S. hihi.....amiez pun isilah upu. then, when the UPU result comes out, amiez terkesima...

yeah! aku dapat sama uni dgn MR.S !

tapi, amiez baru sedar bukan itu yang amiez nak, walaupun sejak dari mula amiez nk sgt masuk uy-key-em, tapi, bila result upu depan mata, amiez lebih pentingkan kos dari uni. amiez terkesima bukan sbb sama uni dgn MR. S, tapi, sbb tak dpt kos yg amiez nak. sedih. terkilan.
hanya Allah ja yang tahu perasaan amiez waktu tuh. berderai lagi lah air mata. bukan tak dapat terima hakikat. cuma sedih. 

waktu first time jejak kaki ke uy-key-em nie, amiez just wonder, what future belongs to me? this is about my future, and i'm going a take a course that i never liked...yeah, never...uhm, maybe a little.

things going on, and i'm ended up, to like this course slowly and steady.
then, my coursemate, semuanya hebat-hebat blaka....i think , i'm the lowest, my SPM was very bad...pfffttt...malu nak tulis , but its true....most of my coursemate have very strong background, they comes from mostly -ASASI, and their secondary school most are SBP and MRSM, which i never get the 'tawaran' to this schoool....their SPM result almost straight A...
that time, i felt fear...yeah, takut kalau ak kecundang buat kali kedua...but, i promise my self, i will try my hardest to success, and i will leave to Allah for the result.

At first, its very hard for me to adapt to new lifestyle, its very different from matric 'era'...i felt so stress. not only me, but half of my coursemate. everytime i call my parent, i told them, i wanna to change my course..then, they will replied me,
 'mak tak kisah pun hang nak dapat apa, asalkan hang cukup makan(erk, makan saja??). kita dah buat yang terbaik, jangan dok stress sgt, buat ja yang terbaik, kalau tak boleh baru pikiaq cara lain'
that time, all my stress were gone, alhamdulillah, my result was much better. alhamdulillah i passed all the subjects...
i promise i dont want to run away from my problem again, every problem have solution. the only problem is you. how you looked at the problem and how you try to overcome it.  :))

smile- is like a medicine to you become happy and influence to other :))

i wonder again, macam mana dengan result aku untuk sem 2 nie, masih dapat kekalkan or ada peningkatan or penurunan ? hope bukan yang last la. ameen.

i hope and i will try my best to get dean's list ! even though its very hard, but its not impossible, rite?
yeah, DEAN'S LIST !

pray for me :) insyaAllah i'll try my best.

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