Sunday, May 11, 2014

#12-friendless or friend-less?

seriously, i fell like friend-less....
when i have some excited story, i just don't know who should i share my story with,
like they even care to listen to mine.
and the story remains quiet inside me, again, and again....

there are two types of people that will comes to you:
one, when they had their own problems
second, when they need you !

i dont have many friends,so,i appreciate every one of them :)

i just feel im not belongs here, because the others coursemate are very intelligence!!
when they were gossiping about their past, they touched about SPM. fyi, my SPM was not so good as theirs. and of course i would never tell anyone about my SPM result.
For them, it was easy to get 'hundreds' of A+...but for me, i need to struggling for just one A+. im not born to be so intelligence. That time i felt like the world become dark again, like the first time i saw my SPM result. i was really sensitive and about to cry that time, luckily i could control my emotion

one my coursemate saw my facial changed-i guessss- she said SPM was nothing and  u  now  doing pharmacy. its good

yeaaahh, it was nothing, but when u're gossiping just now, didnt u realize something...they gossip about their friends who only get 6A but can doing medic. your voice when gossiping him like u are much higher than him because u have much more A+, rite?? opps wait, but why are u here?

i think because of supersensitive side of me, make me felt to dissapear from eveyone. i never thought them as my friends because i dont think im belong here and they never act like ones. they have their own gang from palam and me just from matrikulasi...

just to 2 more years to graduate, and after that, ill move on to achieve my goals.

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