Sunday, July 27, 2014

#13- last ramadhan

assalamualaikum  :)

today is the last ramadhan for this year...and i guess the best ramadhan i ever have at a place called 'home'.


it is my first time spend a whole month of holy ramadhan at home. yeah . first time.

that just because i spend all the time at boarding school and one year at matriculation college. that why it become the place that i love, where all my memories remain there.

then about last year, i supposed to be at home, because it was holiday. spent the holy months with my dearest family. eating delicious food. perform solat sunat teraweeh together. it supposed to be like that.... but it does not last long, should i say, just about 3 days only? ehhmm
after that i spend one week ramadhan at hospital seberang jaya, and the rest of the month at hospital pulau pinang.

just because my lil brother not feeling so well. nephrotic syndrome! it almost 3 years now...
that time, i was really tired, no one there to talk, dont know what to do and that hospital were really far from my home, it would take hours!

its really sad story , right?

but deep inside me, i'm feeling great. because of that, i knew many people who are fighting out there.
because of that, it help me a lot in my studies
and because of that, i fell more motivated to studies eventough  my result are not so bad...cukup-cukup makan je...hehe

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