Monday, August 18, 2014

# 15 - 5 Amazing YouTube channels that I subscribe to :)

assalamualaikum.  :))

How's your imaan today?? Let's pretend today is JUDGMENT DAY , let's count how much sins we earn since born n how much.good deeds have been collected.  ouch! sins is more weight. ASTAGFIRULLAH. 
Let's repent...maybe today will be our end day.

Hollaa , everyone! today i just want to keep it simple about this post. i want to share about the YouTube channels that I have been subscribe so far...the list will actually go on with times fly.(haha).

This Channel always provided with very Powerful Islamic Reminders!
For those who want to recharge their iman, please take a look at this channel and do subscribe , okay!
Believe me, you will love it! :)

I love this Channel so much! its just because it give me strength & motivational advice when I'm feeling down. As the name said, "The Daily Reminder", of course their video always remind us what should we do in life. Their video is awesome just like the video from TheMercifulServant.
do subscribe, okay!

This Channel always provide with  kuliah live almost everyday. wow! but, sorry this is in malay language.
so, i'll just write in malay okay. 
insyaAllah, Channel ini menyediakan video ringkas, tazkirah yang sangat menarik dan siaran live kuliah-kuliah agama setiap hari. :)
so, sambil-sambil online tu jenguk-jenguk la kat channel juga yea  :))

Basically, this channel is like zonkita zonkuliah channel. It also provided 'kuliah live' and it is in malay language also. :) 

MakkahLive. like the name said, its provided live streaming to Masjidil Haram Makkah.
Its totally live streaming. You can see what happen there, right now. 
InsyaAllah, dengan hanya melihat atau menatapnya sahaja akan membuahkan ganjaran pahala. sesungguhnya Allah Maha Pemurah terhadap hamba-hambanya. :))

that's all that i want to share, actually there are a lot more. But , i just highlights the important channels , okay!
btw, you all can click on the title channel and it will lead you to that channel on youtube.
Happy Subscribe! :))

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