Wednesday, August 27, 2014

#19 - i'm proud to be highschoolian

assalamualaikum and holla  :))

Aut coepisse noli aut confice....

All of sudden, i missed highschool so much. I just happen to have a fantastic dream about this place. All of my friends were there. We were preparing for a great event. but, i dont know what event it is.. It's just a dream, rite? haha. I dont know, why in my dream i still be the most 'busiest' person. And in my dream actually, I have the second chance to be 'ketua asrama'. uh? The last part of my dream that i cant forget was, I met someone that i missed so much. HAHA.

it's just a dream, so abaikan!
wake up, amiez!

This is the place, where i learnt everything.
This is the place, where it teach me bout friendship.
This is the place, where I grew up without family beside me.
This is the place where I tried to be me, myself.
yeah, this is the place, that i would never forget!

It is our bounden duty to uphold the Honour of the School at all times and in all places, both now as boys and girls and later as men and women, and old boys and old girls. The Honour of the School will not be upheld by talking or writing. It is by his conduct that a man is judged: his deeds speak louder than his words, and a little example persuadeth more than much percept.From the School more is to be learnt than the wisdom of books: the conduct of a good man and true may be learnt at school.A good man and true scorns to succeed by means that are dishonest. He never gives in, he never admits defeat. After being punished or blamed, he does not sulk or complain. He never deserts his friends, his Colour or his School under any circumstances. Above all he will stand up for the king, the king who keeps the enemies beyond the boundaries within which we live and without which, murder, oppression, famine and robbery would stalk through our province. To him while we shelter beneath his flag, gratitude and goodness demand our outspoken loyalty.'


Jacob's green. :)
nice , rite?

 This is actually the old building that have been renovate.
When I was form 1, this building was too old and scary. haha.

the old picture. credit: google


  1. sekolah gadis2 jeke ni? waa.. teringt skola pulak

    1. eh, tak.. ni sekolah campur, lelaki,perepmpuan...semua ada...malay,chinese n indian :)