Friday, August 29, 2014

# 21

Assalamualaikum :))

This post going to have a lot of picture that i love. :)
Because every picture has a story to tell...

This picture was taken by me from my room.
I just love to see the panorama in the morning every time i woke up.

No matter where you are on your journey, that's exactly where you need to be.
 The next road is always ahead!!

I was accidentally capture this moment because the rainbow was so beautiful.

This picture remind me a lot of stuff that i will never forget.
 I took  this picture on the way im going to library for study group.

Endau, Mersing. :)

I accidentally took this picture on the way back home!

The view was so nice...

that's all for now.
till then..


  1. cantekkan langit? amiez ni mesti suke tengok langit, ade bayak gambar langit... :D

    1. yup, cantik sangattt. amiez suka sangat tengok langit, pokok dan bintang...rasa tenang.
      indah sangat ciptaan Allah. :)

  2. kenapa endau mersing nmpk cantik disitu? hahaha

    1. haha. entahlah. amiez tak ingat nama pantai tu sebenarnya...