Tuesday, September 16, 2014

# 25 - week 1

assalamualaikum and holla  :D
its already been a week after the new semester officially begins.
a lot of 'outings' we have been through within this week...and its gonna be a lot more exciting story coming laterr....

okay btw, i want to thanks to 5 persons that gave me cute little presents...

they gave me all this. thank you very much..i love u all..haha
within this week, i already have been to 'UO' , Low Yat, Pavillion and also Bangsar!! okay not to forget, jalan tar!
i didnt plan to go to any of the places except for UO which is the nearest to my place.

I went to Low Yat  2 times in this week, the first time, i just want to buy ink and also I just want to terminated my maxis broadband service. The second day, i went there just because my friend's laptop breakdown, so we went there to see the technician.

okay, so the things is ' how we ended at the pavilion ?' ...okay here the answer.. there is  no Maxis center at the Low Yat, and the nearest Maxis center are at KLCC and Pavillion. so, that is how we ended there....pffftt

its a very long journey, and it was my first time to went there all by myself...we just walk from Low Yat to Pavillion. For me, it was very far, and noted to myself, please wear a proper shoes next time!!
so, after we arrived at pavillion, we saw a silver man and a gold man..haha, so, we take the opportunity to take a picture with them. and we lucky because we received a free cup of coffee after that!!!

muka terpksa d blurr sorry !
yumm,yumm...sedappp, berbaloi jalan-jalan jauh!
Cappuccino, please!!

selepas selesai mission dekat pavillion, terus cari kedai untuk makan...
so, we went to 'The Manhattan Fish Market'
actually it was my first time ate there!

Next, i went to Bangsar because of a reason. I went there because i did a volunteer work for one of a charity running programme. the director of this programme is a 'mat salleh' . Haha. His name is Patrick. He was too kind to us...thanks Patrick for having us. Hope the programme will be veryyy enjoyable!!! He knows very well that place, he even show us masjid for us to pray...*respect*

thats all
till then..

sorry for my grammar, to tired to check! HAHA

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