Saturday, September 27, 2014

#31 - Brain awareness day!

assalamualaikum n holla :)

come and join us
Brain Awareness Day !

Do u know that our brain is the fattest organ in our body??
About 60% of human brain is comprised of fat is the highest concentration of fat than a single organ in a healthy human being.
and..... 75% of total brain mass is comprised of water !

okay, actually this 'brain awareness day' will be conduct by Rx3 student, which is my batch. So, this is actually my assignment for CNS subject!
okay, i hate assignment, actually.

my group going to do about benzodiazepines, 
we will stress on the drugs that are most abuse under this group!

later, I will update about it soon, after the brain awareness day finish!

#all the best Rx 3!!

till then,

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