Friday, October 3, 2014

# 35 - the day has come! Brain Awareness Day!

Assalamualaikum !
tak jawab dosa, jawab sayang...haha..
okay gua lawak je...

Alhamdulillah, everything went well. even tough we changed the topic several times... but yet, we could finish the preparation on time.
This was the first assignment for this semester, and i believe after this assignment done, there will a lot more assignment tat need to be done!

occay, my group's topic was about benzodiazepine! and we just stress about like three drugs that are commonly abused nowaday. okay the drug we chose were rohypnol, xanax and also valium.
Below, actually the flyers that I made, sorry, i made it in only in black and white, supposedly, I made it more colouful, that because i want to photostat lerr...

okay, biar amiez terang sikit-sikit...amiez paling takut dengan drug 'rohypnol'
drug ni di kenali sebagai 'Date Rape Drug' . ubat ni pun dah menular dalam Malaysia.
okay, selalunya orang menyalah gunakan drug ni dengan meletakkan ubat ni dalam air, then, orang yang terminum air ni, akan tertidur dan bila dia bangun dia tak akan ingat apa yang terjadi malam tu..
 sebab tu, watch your drink!! Jangan tinggal air anda dengan orang yg tak di kenali, jangan minum minuman dari orang yang tak dikenali....

Last but not least, a comment from our lecturer  :)

thanks all for the great time today
till then, 
lots of love

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