Thursday, January 22, 2015

# 59 - [throwback! Part 1] Aut Coepisse Noli Aut Confice :)

assalamualaikum n holla

amiez terjumpa satu poem berkenaan kelas amiez waktu form 5 dulu-dulu....alahai baru je imbas pasal memori kat matrik semalam, kali ni nak imbas memori zaman amiez budak-budak lagi...zaman hingusan, ehhh.

yang bestnya pasal poem ni ialah, amiez baru je baca selepas 5 tahun ditulis oleh encik anonymous! err? rasa macam hidup dalam gua sbb baru perasan...

so, lets check it out ! :)

5ES My Class      by: anonymous, 2010
This is a story of my class
5ES it is called
27 students it consist
And these are all who I will miss

Navin thinks he is the Playboy
But he never gets any girls or boys
He tried to bully some people
But always ended up being a joke

Manisah, Farid and Prashanth are the nerds
Always studying in one herd
And Sarina is the only class prefect
Who we must always respect

Haresh, Veera and Thanen the Black Rovers
Whose skin are really, really BLACK!
Afwan and Din are the Mat Rempits
But motor only wave and Kriss

Faizul and Nadia the class leaders
One is panjang and one is an angel
Yuvin and Dev unbreakable pair
Always walking here and there

Joker of the class is called Azlan
Always making class alive and fun
Amir and Azim are the sleepy heads
Whenever see them also blur blur face

Megha and Fabian, Bapok Kings
Challenge each other who ponteng most
Lim and Lau, teachers get them confused
Mostly because they swap their names

Sandhiya is the glycerol with a purse
And everyone hopes she does not burst
Perre is the money collector
Always asking for ringgit never dollar

Jaya is the singer
Punes is nobody, don't bother her
Amirah and Fariza queens of class
King of Hostel and Queen of Netball they are

sikitnya perempuannn...haha
thats why kami rapat.  :')

till then, 


  1. saya [enah buat benda ni tapi dl BM. passtu hantar masok majalah sekolah. ehhh. jap nak cari majalah sekolah. haha.

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