Friday, August 14, 2015

dear RNF.

I've watched from a distance as you made life your own
Every sky was your own kind of blue

And I wanted to know how that would feel
And you made it so real
You showed me something that I couldn't see
You opened my eyes

And you made me believe

dear RNF,

sorry for deleting your number, wechat and your facebook.
i'll just want to put an end into this.
if you read this, can you do me a favor?
I hope you will delete all my picture in your facebook? thanks in advance!
i will never forget our promises together.
if you still want to fulfill it, then contact me when you want to do so. 

thanks for everything you gave me. 
thanks for coming into my life.
thanks for being the chapter and now the chapter seems going to end.. 

#aku terpaksa buat macam ni, sebab ada hati yang aku perlu jaga. hati aku. :')

140815 - THE END-

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