Thursday, October 27, 2016


hi! n Assalamualaikum


A lot of things happen...but here  i am...macam lalang...
I'm not bulletproof...nothing to say..
I may fall when im being shoot!

plz be strongg!!!

alhamdulillah masih diberi ruang dan kekuatan untuk menulis di sini...

a lot of things happen...

this week, I'm gonna to finish up my manuscript writing...yeaahhh (pray for me)

**** ***************** ************
actually the post above was written during my final year....haha...i guess im too busy writing my manuscript until i forgot that i have blog!!!!

well, actually i'm already done with manuscript writing--> data presentation ---> viva !! *oh yeaaahhh*
it such emotional experience...because u can get teary at any moments wherever u are....its tough actually....
yeah i can cries whenever people talk about thesis...(but now i can laugh laa, sebab dah habis  ^^)

well, pray for me, the journey still long  ^^ !!
too much goal that i want to achieve!!

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